#African vs AfricanAmericans

I normally don’t watch videos like this on Youtube because well… I don’t. But when procrastinating, you do some things you normally wouldn’t. Moreover hardly ever REPOST such videos. However, Joulezy said something that got me: “normally when this conversation is had, it’s with a middle class Nigerian”. Now as someone who fits into that description, i actually had to agree with her. I’ve had this conversation many-a-times. Even at my university African Students Association meetings, it seems that (mostly) middle class west Africans dominating the conversation.

As noted in the video, Evelyn is east African, from Kenya. It was interesting to hear her persecutive on the differences (or lack there of) between second generation Africans and African-Americans.

Four months ago, I probably would have disagreed *cough been in denial* with her. Since being here, I have really been made aware of my identity as Nigerian/American/Black. Now I’m not going to go into my whole self-awareness but I will say I have to agree with 95% of the things Evelyn said. At the same time, this video didn’t help me “discover myself” or anything but… just watch the video and I’ve really love to hear what you all think.

Y’all agree with Evelyn / Joulezy … or nah?


2 thoughts on “#African vs AfricanAmericans

  1. Reblogged this on Beijinger of Washington and commented:
    This couldn’t have come at a better time, I just did a TED talks sessions with college students on campus about my interview with the 1st Lady and how I am misidentified on a daily basis. I’m currently in Harbin, China studying Chinese for one year. Thanks, Bukky! 🙂

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