The best travel companion: Pros and cons of traveling with parents vs friends

Family Vacation vs Exploring with Friends

This is my first time in Europe traveling without my parents (or a school tour) so as I mentioned in the London post, this experience was vastly different for many reasons.

Trio of friends at the National Zoo
Trio of friends at the National Zoo

Reflecting on my trip, I came up with a short list on the pros and cons of traveling with parents. I can only write on my own personal experiences. If your experiences have been different, please share below in the comments.

Parents pro:

  • Nice hotels and restaurants
  • Spending money for museums & attractions that cost money
  • More comfortable means of transportation

Parents Cons:

  • No night life experience
  • Some attractions are not family friendly ie Red Light District in Amsterdam.
  • It’s usually a real “vacation” for them. They rather rest than actually go exploring the city.
Nice Restaurants with Parents
Nice Restaurants with Parents

Parents, siblings, lovers or friends travel with people who are on the same page as you, who have the same agenda. Plan ahead and stick to it. If you all want to wake up early and be out the whole day or if you want to sleep in and only see a few attractions. How long will you be at each place?  Are they willing to try new foods? etc

These are just a few things to consider before embarking on your journey. As for the size of the group, adventure in a group of minimum 3 and maximum of 5. (exception being with your significant other) Less than three in certain places can be dangerous and more than 5 can cause conflict when deciding where to go or places to eat etc. I think 4 is the perfect group to travel in because you can easily split into groups of 2 and most taxis only fit 4 people. Less cost for each person when splitting the taxi and other group purchases.

 Hope this helps for anyone planning a trip. Bon Voyage!


Thoughts? Leave a comment!

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