The Many Virtues of Studying Abroad

Looks like there are more benefits than I thought 😀

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Golden Key International Honour Society strives to help its members become        successful in every facet of life. A Golden Key member is more than an excellent  student— they are well-rounded individuals who encompass leadership qualities and social consciousness, and we believe that studying abroad is a tremendous         opportunity for our members to venture beyond the classroom and gain cultural     wisdom. In light of such, we would like to share an article from Envision Global  Forums highlighting the benefits of studying abroad.

The Many Virtues of Studying Abroad
by Andrew Potter

Spend some time studying abroad and you are very likely to improve your grades, enhance your personality and be more prepared to meet the global challenges of the 21st century.

Several new studies suggest that studying internationally is like eating a super nutritious vegetable- it improves your mental capacity (IQ), your emotional intelligence (EQ) and your cultural adaptability (CQ).

Enhance Cultural…

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