International Product Junkie

So I went to Dubai with my mom and like the product junkie I am, I picked up a few hair products. I initially was just going to re Up on my vatika coconut oil since I’d be getting a bigger bottle for less but then I saw they they made other products and got just ONE other product- a deep conditioner. I wanted to get BAQ Henna as well but to my surprise I didn’t see any sold in regular stores and we didn’t have time to go to the market.

I did how ever get my hand henna’d which you can barely see #TeamDarkSkinProblems lol

Anyways as soon as I take out my braids (first week in August) you can expect a review on the DC ^_^


4 thoughts on “International Product Junkie

  1. Yea. I get we are product junkies as much as we try to say we are not. I go to the store and am always looking at the hair aisle. Not like there’s something I want. I look out for new things and what I wanna try. #crazy. Lol

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