The Diary of a Natural Gal

There is too much focus by the media and the social networking world on the negativity associated with darker skin. I honestly believe these medias have placed more emphasis than necessary on the struggles of darker toned individuals.

Needless to say, this focus is clearly sensational and makes for great publicity; higher sales, more clicks, more reads, more likes and more shares.

However, I believe the angle of this topic is very recycled but (without fail) it results in a heated debate on (for example) the origins of this negative sentiment towards darker skin. Rarely though, is there any sort of discussion on how many people with darker skin actually go on about their daily lives confidently and happily.

Even from my own personal experience with darker individuals, this lack of self-confidence, security and self-esteem that the media and social networking world try to claim darker skinned people have, couldn’t…

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