Re: Quick Tip: How Water Can Harm our Hair


At first I was like really, water? But The post is about the temperature of water you use on your hair. I read a post on Curly Nikki a few years ago which goes into more detail. Since then I have been using warmer water to shampoo my hair and lukewarm/cold water to rinse out conditioner. I have truly seen a difference in the health of my hair since. I does not get as dry as it used to when I only used HOT water on my hair.


“We all know water is the only substance on earth that provides 100% moisture to our hair, and I mean the only substance; no other product is even a close contender…Water is the mecca to “healthy” hair and a successful hair routine without water is not even a plausible option but how we use water is just as important of making sure we incorporate water into our hair regimen.TEMPERATURE! Consciously being aware of the temperature of the water you expose your strands to could cause less dryness and breakage in the future. Regarding the temperature of water on our hair is so important because the hotter the water the higher risk of potential root damage and more sebum lost from our strands. Warmer water depletes our strands of their natural oils which leaves the hair more susceptible to breakage and yes for some this is just the ABC’s but what you may not know is that water that is too hot can “over process “ or “over heat””


Read the entire article on urbanbushbabes here.


cold vs. Hot water when washing natural hair


Hot Water

PRO: Rinses Away Dirt and Oil


CON: May Result in Overly Porous Hair


Cold Water

PRO: Seals the Moisture in Your Hair


CON: Flattens hair


Check out the full break down of hot vs cold water on natural hair on CurlyNikki (here)





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