Spetember is sickle cell awareness month

Hi all!

I apologize for being MIA, “Life got in the way”. I’m an RA this year and had training for two weeks and then school started. But now I should have a (somewhat) steady schedule.

Any who so it’s 11 days till the walk! If you havent registered, today is the last day.  AND you can still donate! WHEN you decide to donate, you can even donate in my name! I also want to encourage you all to donate blood when you can (more on that later).

As far as “training” for the walk/run that was a fail. But once I got back at school, I got back on track – had to start at week one 😦

Here’s what my Nike Fitness is looking like (I’m in love with my iPod nano review coming soon ^_^)

 I need to get my pace up. 5k medal to be accomplished in 11 days!


So this month I will (try) to post stuff about sickle-cell.  Some Youtubers making daily videos  such as Sickle Cell Warrior LadyAntione. So check them out.

In other news, the last/ third loc extension video is coming soon, as well as some summer photography and Mistress 201 lesson 😉

Stay tuned!



Thoughts? Leave a comment!

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