Quick healthy meal: Brown Rice, Quiona & Efo

Made this for dinner last night after randomly finding a bag if quinoa in my kitchen. I know typically quinoa paired with rice so I made some brown rice and added some Nigerian spinach stew (Efo) which acted as my vegetable AND protein (has pieces of dried fish and smoked turkey inside). The brown rice took about 45 mins to cook -_- and the quinoa was about 10-15 mins. The Efo was pre-cooked so I just tossed that in the microwave.  Pictures below were taken on my cell phone so they don’t look that great but don’t be deceived, the food was tasty!

An alternative to Efo is using stir fry veggies, which I was too lazy to make Haha. Or just raw veggies.

Link Here to a video of a healthier way fo making Efo.

If you decided to make brown Rice or quiona I would love to see your spin on it!



Cooked brown rice



Finished Product!




Thoughts? Leave a comment!

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