Protective Style: Silky Locs

A month ago I got silky locs as summer protective style. These locs are a wonderful low maintence style I will be making more vidoes on how I am maintaining them and posting pictures on styles I’m doing with them

Quick Facts:

How long do they takes to complete? Typically,12hr, with 2-3 people 6hrs

Did it hurt? Like you can’t imagine! My head was hurting for a week 😦

How long do they last? Some keep them in for 6 months by retwisting like regular locs. But I’ll take mine out after 3 months

How much do they cost: varies by salon but no less than $200

Can I do them myself? Yes! absolutely, its will definitely take you longer to get them done but then you’ll also have more control on how they look. I recommend using kinky twist hair and wrapping the ends upwards rather than burning them to truly get that ‘locs’ look. If you opt to go to a salon I urge you to do a lot of research for at least two weeks. Researching which stylist will do the best job. Remember just because it cost more does not mean they’ll do a better job. Walk in the salon and ask to see a client in real life ( pictures can be deceiving) who’s hair they have done.

How are you maintaining them? Stick around for the next video! 🙂 next video: daily maintenance

Till next time,


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