Journey to become a Runner [Stomp Out Sickle Cell 5k]

Quick Reminder: There’s only 21 DAYS LEFT to register for $20!! Visit! Dont forget, you can be part of my team, Team Ade, make your own team of walk solo.

 Last month I posted about the Stomp Out Sickle Cell walk. With 2 1/2 months to train there’s no time to waste [because I’m incredibly out of shape]. Now I have never done a race before but lucky for me this is not a competition. I want to use this as practice and maybe later joining my school’s running club. I have always wanted to be a runner, I joined my high school track team for two weeks but… I digress. Fellow blogger Terri of SpeakLean (check out her blog!)  put together a 12 week program for me. Each week I add 15-30 more time to jogging and less time walking.

This way I don’t over work myself in the first week and give up. On days I dont work out I rest or do strength training and stretches.  Strength Training sessions last from 30 minutes to an hour. 

If you live in the D.C, Maryland, Virginia (DMV) area  make sure you sign up and run for a cause! You can join my team ‘Ade’ here, create your own team or walk solo! If you can’t make it you can still get involved by donating, and spreading the word! If you have sickle cell check out this community for people with sickle cell.

Later Kweens …and Kings!

5 thoughts on “Journey to become a Runner [Stomp Out Sickle Cell 5k]

  1. This is amazing! I enjoy running too. I am yet to run for a cause though…I recently joined a running club and that has been helping a lot….

    Good luck hon!

    1. thank you! if you’re in the area you should definitely sign up!
      What running club did you join? I signed up for black girls run! but they dont have a group thats close/convient for me

      1. I joined the city center running club in Houston Tx. Too bad i don’t live in the DMV, it would have been fun to sign up.

        Yeah, I wonder if they have anything similar in Houston? Will let you know if i find something in my area 🙂

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