So you did your BIG CHOP, Now what? [TWA Basics: Regimen & Styling]

This summer, two of my friends joined #TeamNatural and did their big chop! After the first two weeks of excitement passed, both were dealing with the question: “Now What”?  To help them out I sent them a couple videos and a link to a earlier post I did on regimen basics.

Quick Recap of the regimen basics post, for more click here.

  1. Cleanse
  2. Condition & Detangle
  3. Moisturize/Seal
  4. Protect
  5. Repeat as needed


For a new naturals (<6 mo) WashNGo’s are the best. However, even I got tired of the same ol’ thing everyday. These videos are what got me through my TWA phase (which unfortunately I am back in). They are quick & simple styles that can be done on any TWA length, with accessories, dressed up or dressed down. It is a little overwhelming at first but don’t feel pressured to buy EVERYTHING. Try to work with the things you have first. If you feel you need something, do some research on it first before you just go buy it! Utilize Google & YouTube. So let’s get to it!

Wash & Go – simplest

Wash&Go Faux Hawk

“Coils” same style different method. Pretty easy to do

Twist Out- a little more time-consuming but great definition

Twist/Updo The twist last about a week and can be styled into a updo when you have  a bit more length

Ten different styles with use of accessories

Styles I do with my TWA


Hope this was helpful to all my TWA’s! If You have a style you would like to share leave a comment down below. Or if you have questions on styling and products.

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