Natural Hair Journey: Doing it Right This Time #POW

I think I am at that stage in my natural hair journey where I know what to do. I’m not a guru or anything but I’m passed that newbie stage where I have the urge to try everything I see on YouTube…ya’ll know the one’s.. been there done that!

Am I upset that I’ve had a TWA for the past three years?? Off Course! but it was a learning experience. I now know what to do, what my hair likes and doesn’t like. My goal is to have healthy hair and scalp. With proper care of my hair and scalp, growth is inevitable.

So how am I ‘doing it right’ this time?

Well for starters, I have a regimen that I stick to. My regimen consists of shampoo/ deep conditioning washing once a week and co-washing as needed. Followed by leave-in and oils. I have more knowledge of what I need to do to yield the results I desire. I know the basics, do and don’ts for MY hair. Most importantly moisture is key! There’s no substitute for water.  I’m not only taking care of my hair, I’m taking care of my body! I’m doing this by exercising, eating right and taking multivitamins. Anyhow ya get the point, fresh start for my hair journey… LEGOOO!

I’ll have some product reviews up soon!

Later Kweens!


7 thoughts on “Natural Hair Journey: Doing it Right This Time #POW

  1. Your hair looks lovely. It took me a few years to really get the hang of it as well. I’m seeing better results now than when I first went natural. Keep the videos coming. God bless x

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