KweenB's College Bucket List

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  • Travel Abroad at least once to a country I’ve never been to
  • Be trilinguall [English, Yoruba & Spanish] Yoruba is my ‘native’ language but since I grew up in America I was not able to speak it fluently, although my mom made every effort to teach me, I didn’t get serious about learning it until the summer before I started college. I took three years of Spanish from 7-9th grade but I only remember select words and phrases. I would also like to learn french but I honestly don’t see that happening with four years.
  • Start an organization for people with Sickle Cell
  • Learn to ride a bicycle (yea sad, I know)
  • Learn to swim
  • Learn to ride a skate/long board
  • Grow at least shoulder bra-strap length natural hair Four years is a long time I believe it can be done with proper care
  • Know what I want to do after I graduate That’s a given right? wrong. I’ve meet a lot of people who are in their last semester of school and are wondering what’s next for their life. I supposed this is more of a prayer to God for guidance. I don’t want to waste time not knowing what to do.
  • Do an alternative spring break at least once
  • Participate in a flash mob
  • Join a club and stay in all four years I noticed in high school I have commitment issues to school clubs lol but seriously, it’ll be nice to see how the org has grown since I’ve been there
  • Take a random class, just because it sounds funny (i.e. Underwater Basket Weaving)
  • Be apart of a protest
  • Fall asleep during an exam, wake up halfway through, and still ACE it

What’s on your bucket list? Have you done any of these things? Comment witht your experience/suggestions!


Thoughts? Leave a comment!

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