YouTube Subbies

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Image via CrunchBase

A little while ago, I posted my Blog Roll, a list of all the blogs I subscribe to. I figured I would share with you all the YouTube channels I’m subscribed to as well because that’s where I get most of my news from.

Speaking of YouTube, how do you all like the new YouTube? I hate it. Although it looks better, it functions just as bad. I can’t ‘x’ out of post I don’t want to see, and it still doesn’t update my feed with new videos.  Maybe that’s just me, How do you feel about it? Comment & let me know! Oh and the new logo no es bueno either!

Natural Hair

I just realized a lot of the channels I’m subbed to are hair/beauty tutorials. If you’ve got some cool channels for Photoshop, Photography, music or dance, even news leave a comment and let me know and I’ll check them out!

I’m not subscribed to these channels but I occasionally watch come videos. Check out the Awkward Black Girl series on actingrl112 ‘s channel.


Thoughts? Leave a comment!

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