A Natural Hair Anthem

This Poem is borderline Natural Hair Nazi,but nonetheless it speaks the truth. I know I had to share it when the Malcolm X clip came on at the end. I don’t think wearing weaves makes you any less natural, as long as you don’t have a relaxer.  Even if you do, have a relaxer, who am I to tell you how to wear your hair? To each her own! Enjoy the video and comment below what you think about the video and natural nazi’s if you’ve meet any.




2 thoughts on “A Natural Hair Anthem

  1. Hhhmm. I don’t like to point the Natural Hair Nazi finger often, but I’m going to whip it out for this poem. I understand the general intention behind this poem: celebrate natural hair. I’m all for that. But at the same time, I think you can celebrate natural hair without simultaneously presenting its opposite (i.e permed hair) as a rejection of self. The thing is….there’s a continuum in the natural hair community. You have die-hard naturalistas (i.e. perms are bad and a rejection of your beauty) on one end and jump on the bandwagon naturalistas on the other. That latter part is a discussion for another day, but there are some people out there who are natural because it’s popular. That doesn’t make them any less natural, though. This poem, imo, falls on the far left side.

    Personally, I’m somewhere in the middle. My hair is much healthier now that’s it natural and I love it.

    No doubt, perms and weaves can damage hair, scalp, etc. But I don’t try to convert anyone. Or make anyone feel badly about having permed hair or weaves.

    On a side note: I think the perception of natural hair is changing. I’ve been natural for 7 years, and when I first did my big chop, people (men and women) assumed I was afrocentric, a vegan/vegetarian, a weed smoker, etc. Nowadays, I think there’s even more diversity in the natural community, and these assumptions are less likely to exist.

  2. I don’t wear my hair in weaves. I might add extensions if I’m going to a ball or a gala, but never for everyday. I did the natural hair nazi thing, until I realized that it was a construct full of bullies and limitations as it was with straight hair.

    I’m tired of not being free, I am a stylist and put in alot of weaves. For the obvious reasons, healthy hair purposes I don’t think chemicals are a healthy idea, but black women need to get tired of telling other black women who to be and what to do every other second.

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