The F Word #BAD2011

Just the other day, a friend and I were discussing our diets. Like me, she doesn’t consume red meat. I have not met many people with that diet so I was super curious if there was a word for this. Not that I care to mch about a label but a “Pollo-pescatarian”,is an omnivore that does not eat red meat. After seeing this ridicule title,(via Wikipedia) I decided not to ever say that out loud. For one, I feel like I don’t deserve it compared to all the dedicated vegetarians and vegans out there.

Americans have so many choices that for one reason or the other, we decide what our diets will consist of. We have so many food choices, that food not only goes bad in our homes but even at the store.  Well, imagine  world where you didn’t have choice to what you’re going to eat. Not stop imagining and realize that this is whats happening in some East African countries like Somalia. Famine has cause millions of children, men and women to starve.


Last year, it was W A T E R, this year its Famine. Thats right Blog Action Day is back. Bloggers from over 80 counties today will be writing about famine. Here’s how you can help:

1. Sign the petition 2. ReBlog/Retweet/Share on Facebook/+1 etc this post 3. Learn More 


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