College Fashionista!

Hello all!

Last week I missed my second post-a-week 😡 so I will try to post double this week! On the bright side, a intern stopped me for a chat and photos! Here’s the link article. This inspired me to post more about fashion on this blog. I’ve got lots to update! Just been so busy/tired. Side Note: I’m not a huge fan of this picture, my hair’s sticking out, my arm looks broken and I probably should I have worn black flats but it’s all good. Still glad I got the opportunity 😀

Today’s Fashionista left her basic bottoms behind and went straight for the spotlight. The cut, style and overall print of her pants successfully match the buttom-up approach to styling. The statement piece in her ensemble is her pants, and she strays away from making an overstatement. Her appreciation of the printed bottom is clearly represented in her understanding of her other pieces, helping to balance the rest of her outfit. By pairing her fabulous bottoms with a classic denim jacket and black v-neck top, guarantees to give a chic look. This Fashionista displays utter confidence as she works the pathways of campus as her own runway.

Hot Pants!

Till next time,


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