Summer 2011: Infinite To Do list UPDATE

With exactly one month till the end of summer, I thought I would update y’all on how my ‘Infinite To-Do list’ is going. To see how many items I’ve crossed of and what I need to get a move on.

1. Hair I’ve been consistent with my hair washing, I have tried new products and have discovered a few staples.  I kinda of strayed away from the Ayurvedic regimen because its time-consuming but I still add some aspects of it into my regular regimen when time permits. I have henna-ed twice but probably won’t henna again till September. My hair is becoming healthier and I’ve seen growth. √

2.Savings I’ve only saved $357.81 No Bueno $642.19 to go!

3. Improve wardrobe. I actually have not done much shopping (to save money) but I do feel like I’ve the way I dress. I care less of what people will think and just wear what I want. And you know what? I’ve got a few compliments. I think it’s all in the mind. Think Beauty, and people will See Beauty. √

4. Improve blogging. I’ve been a lot more consistent in blogging thanks to Post-a-week. I have improved the quality of my writing (I think) but I abound you guys a lot and still have a few place holder post. I have however gotten two subscribers 🙂 And a few people tell me in person that they read my blog so *thumbs up* I really need you guys to leave comments and subscribe because that’s truly the only way I know I’m doing a good job. And if there is something you don’t like feel free to email me. There’s always room for improvement! √

Tower clock on GMU campus

4. Photography. I defiantly am improving. Thanks to wordpress weekly challenge and all the cookouts I’ve been going to, I’ve had lots of time to practice. I think the next step is to learns and use more functions on my camera and start editing my photos. √

5. Relationship with God. Like I said I would, I started writing my what I learned from my devotion in a book but I also started writing other things like prayer points and just the way I felt, kind of like a spiritual diary. And it really has helped a lot because I can see when I read, what I lean red and how I felt. I will defiantly keep this up. I have slacked a bit though so my next step is to stop making excuse and to actually read everyday.

6. Get physically fit. There’s no excuses for this one. I just loafed. There was actually a church track meet a few weeks ago and it was embarrassing how out of shape I was, I need to get on the ball again.

7. Read a book a month. I haven’t even finished chapter one of ” The Audacity of Hope” by Barack Obama which was book one. That’s just sad. It’s not that the book isn’t interesting, I just forgot about it and am too tired at night to read.


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