Infinite ‘To Do’ List

About a week ago, I was up searching the web doing research for my hair (hair update coming soon) when I stumbled on this blog, Think & Grow Chick. Her post on natural hair were very helpful so I hung around and read some of her other post when I found this. This article inspired me to make my ‘infinite to do list’. But mine is only for the summer though. A lot of the things on her list are on mine as well ( so you guys don’t think i jacked her list) Outlining my goals publicly I feel will help me actually get them done.

Summa 2011: Make Money & Make Moves

    • Get healthy hair. Healthy hair = growing hair. I know that if I can get my hair in a healthy state, it will definitely grow. I will expand more on my hair update next week.
    • Save at least $1,000. My bank account really suffered this school year. As I’m starting college in the fall, I don’t want to be one of those ‘broke college kids’. I want to be able to go out and have fun worry free. I know my parents will give me pocket-money but it’s nice to have some money of my own too.
    • Improve wardrobe. Sadly I think I’m one of those people who have fashion but not style (as in I have clothes but don’t really know how to piece em together and make em look like a million bucks). So this summer I want to step out of my box and try something different, wear things I usually don’t wear. Follow the advice of my ace boon con:Wear whatever the f*** you want, people will hate and later copy.”
    • Improve my blogging/ Get more subscribes. I’ve authored this blog for almost two years now and I still don’t really see any faithful reader (other than my brothers) One day I get 1oo hits and the next I only get 5. I want to have at least 100 daily readers and 50 subscribers by September.
    • Develop Photography I’m really interested in photography and graphic design. I have a Sony α550 but I haven’t really put it to work. My plan is to get it cleaned, get some filters and read some photography books/blogs. Most importantly, I’m going to take my camera with me everywhere I go. This way I will be able to snap candid shots and practice makes perfect!
    • ‘Read my Bible, pray everyday . I just really need to be consistent. one week I’ll read everyday then the next two days it’ll collect dust then I’ll read for two weeks straight and so on. I noticed that when i take notes (like I’m in school) I understand more and not just read/ skim the surface. I’ll keep a journal of what I read each day as proof and I can go back to my notes for encouragement.
    • Get physically fit. i say this each spring/ summer and I was on a good track till spring break. This time I really have to do it cause Mason is a big school and I know I’ll be doing a lot of walking from one side of campus to the other and can not afford being out of breath walking in to class.
    • Read a book a month. I was an avid reader until high school hit when all I had time for was homework. So for the 4 summer months, I will read a book and do a review!

I’ll be doing updates as needed on each goal and hopefully I will not only be helping my self but be a resource to you all. Hopefully this motivates some one else to make their own infinite to do list. Feel free to share your summer plans and what motivates you to cross off items on your list.

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