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Enough post just about me, let me tell ya about some blogs I get inspiration from. (click on blog tittle to visit site) I’ll also list these blogs on the sidebar >>>

Lanpher PhotoblogI don’t remember how I stumped on this blog but, I love it. Keith Lanpher is a professional photography. Along with a photo he list a “now playing” song. It’s interesting to discover new music, along with new art.

PCWorld News

For all things tech. There are like 10 post a day, but no matter how many times I unsubscribe, I always subdivide back. I would recommend just visiting this site on the regular and not subbin if you’re like me and don’t want your Google Reader read 290 unread post.

The Budget Babe

“Fab without a fortune!” Speaks for itself. I mostly visit this is site though for “the looks for less.  She has lots of give-a-ways and exclusive pre-season previews on select fashion lines. additionally there are beauty reviews, Dianna Baros gives great tips and lets you find deals near you.

The Oatmeal

Another site I have no idea how I arrived there. But this guy Matthew Inman is pure comedy. He’s a graphic designer, who basically created a job for himself by making these online comics. A lot of them are innocent fun but a few I look at like this -___-. You can even buy his comic book online. But if you just want some laughs I would defiantly subscribe.

Beese’s Pieces

This is my friend’s blog. She a graduate student who tries to make time to make hot pieces like the one seen above from Nigerian “native” materials. But honestly, she could author a blog about natural hair as well. 😉  Lots of cute stuff from her and others, I would def check it out if you’re interested in fashion.

Black Apostolic Hair

Kendra Thaler is an Apostolic Christian with natural hair! I stumbled on her site when I was looking for some natural hair tips. In addition to natural hair advice and tutorials, she  backs then up with God’s word and that’s why I subscribed. If you’re natural, Christian or both I def would recommend this blog!

Curly Nikki

So if you’re natural I’m sure you’ve heard of Curly Nikki. If you haven’t its a site for all things natural. ( that where I got my Natural Hair dictionary from). Ms. Nikki is a Licensed Psychotherapist and the site started as a hair therapy session. Its evolved into a blog, discussion where she has guest authors write.

Karla’s Closet

I discovered this fashion closet from Beese’s Pieces.She just blogs random outfits that she wears. Her style is kind of edgy vintage. It’s worth a peek!

Light Stalking

This a photography blog. Not only do they have photos but they teach you how to achieve your own great shots. I haven’t really had time to  make use of this site since I’ve discovered it though so I can’t say much.

Teens Talk Tech

I would say this is my main source of tech info. They have stuff about things that are relevant. And unlike PCWorld that write journalism article, Teens Talk Tech give you strictly the facts( then their opinion). Even if you’re not a teen, its worth a visit.

From Him and Her

a blog about love from the view of a male and a female. each week is a new topic. Sometimes they agree but most times they don’t, but the best part is that you can ask questions and next week, it just might be their topic. Single , in a relationship or married this site is worth a weekly visit!

Daily Post at WordPress

Well off course, I’m subbed here cause of post a week. I’ve gotten lots of motivation and inspirations from their suggestions.


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