Campus Tour #4- Penn State Greater Allegheny

So I got accepted into Penn State (yay). I went for a visit last Monday to check out the campus to see if I can fade it for 2 years. (After two years I move to the Main Campus – University Park) It was a 4.5 hr ride from my part of the world. Although its only 30 mins away from Pittsburgh the campus is really small and homey. I don’t know if I’ll go there but it’s still in the top 5.
Here are a few shots of the campus. I tried editing some photos in PS CS5 and what I learned is despite the awesomeness of the software, I’m not that great at photo editing 😦 I’ll keep practicing though. That do you think of my shots and editing?

*UPDATE* I’ve talked to some people who go there and they aren’t really loving the campus environment either. I don’t want to base my decision on what people say but it does have a little influence on my decision.


Thoughts? Leave a comment!

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