2011. No Resolutions

I must admit, I was one for those people who made an elaborate list of new years resolutions. like many others who made list, I usually forgot or decided my resolutions where too hard before February begins.

What I have however, been doing since 2010 is making a list of PRAYER POINTS and Thanksgiving. Things on list include materials things of course such as, get a car, or do really well on SATs. But my list always has things such as, get closer to God, read Bible everyday, etc.

These are the things I feel are important. I don’t need  a” new me in the new year” because as far as I’m concerned, the “old me” has been doing pretty darn well. I only plan on getting better, and I don’t need to write it down for a change to happen.

I’m so excited to jump into this year. 2011 will truly be my best years thus far.

March 2011= 18th birthday

June = high school graduation

September = FREEDOM (aka college 😉

and I know there’s so much more God has in store for me!


Thoughts? Leave a comment!

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