I Refuse to be another black statistic
A black man who can wine and dine in the sin of the world and still be considered a Christian
I plan on being great, I care not to be less
i refuse to wear a bar code across my chest
I refuse to let a black tee or throwback jersey define me
I refuse to let my children witness divorce or make mature decisions in court.
I refuse to grow up carrying a generational curse, I refuse to feel the need to curse in my verse
I hate being automatically looked at when somebody ask, can anyone rap?
I wanna be a black man who can flip it from urban to corporate measures,
A black man who doesn’t gain knowledge of the world for his own pleasures
A black man who risks life to the fullest with no regrets
My only regret is the stigma that many black statistics in the past have said, like;
going to jail, bragging about bail, leaving our kids, cursing at church, Married and you still flirt, no father person at birth, animosity within the ministers in our church
I refuse to let my people be viewed as temporary
I plan on planning on seeing enough for the moment before one is legendary,
As for statistics, my Father broke the mold and I feel it’s just my job for the next generation to continue in it


from Kirk Franklin’s Hero

listenOUTRO KIRK franklin


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