Nigeria Celebrates 50- The Good & The Bad

Federal Republic of Nigeria, my home country, celebrates 50 years of Independence today, October 1, 2010! With 50 years of Independence, the country has grown. Some argue it was not grown enough.

“How can you celebrate Nigeria at 50 when there is no constant supply of light? How can you celebrate a nation where businesses are dying, and where people are suffering? There is nothing to celebrate.”  argues Adebola Williams, a television producer and coördinator for young people’s pressure group, Enough Is Enough., in a recent BBC article.

But change seems is coming with new president Goodluck Jonathan who has already begun anti-corruption as a major part of his administration.

On the bright side, CNN covered a story on Nigeria‘s first millionaire!Vodpod videos no longer available.

All in all, no country is perfect , not even America. Thank God for a good 50 years and the next 50 will be even better!

Happy Independence Day Nigeria!


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