Magazine Hoarder

When I was in 7th grade, there was this fundraiser we did with magazines. Get people to subscribe to magazines at a discounted rate and the school gets a certain percentage.

Well I seized the moment and subscribed to Cosmogirl and Seventeen. 2months later when I got my 1st issues I was so excited. I felt grown, like I was seventeen.

first Cosmogirl I got

I would sit and look at the pictures for hours.  Then when I got to high school I dropped Cosmogirl and subscribed to Teen Vogue.

I sorta began collecting them, and soon I had a whole collection of all sorts of magazines.

Esquire - a mens magazine!
School Magazine
W - Ive never even heard of this, it just arrived at my house one day

So now 5years later, I have a full blown collection, but I no longer adore the magazines like I used to, I barely have time to read one whole issue when it comes in. They just sit there, Ive been storing them in crazy places like under my bed. I decided to finally recycle them.

Just some of my collection

It was kinda sad for me to just be disposing of them. So I decided to keep a few.

2 Rihanna issues, 1 is a collectors item; the one on the right is the lastest issue of Seventeen

Some celebs have had mutiple covers sine 7th grade, its interesting to see them then and now.

a few of my favorites
the bag was reallly heavy!
The new collection ..much cleaner

I kept a couple of Seventeens, all my Elles and my 1st Cosmo girl.

Are you a hoarder of any kind?


Thoughts? Leave a comment!

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