What's going on with today's music?

I don’t care what anyone says, Drake & Kid Cudi are the best rappers. When you listen to their music you can feel the emotion they sing/rap with. That’s another reason why I love Drake & Cudi so much– cause they sing AND rap. I mean I can listen to to a whole album/mixtape without skipping a single track. (So Far Gone ;Man on the Moon)

But now it seems like music is better prior to the artist getting signed and releasing their own album. For example, Drake’s  “Thank Me Later”.  I’m left wondering what happened? A majority of the tracks are slow and there is no one track I can truly say “he killed it.”  I’m not saying it’s bad , I still like it. It was his first album on a major label and was so anticipated I feel like it should have been better. It should have been THE album of the year.

I think the problem maybe with the record companies. For example ,Priscilla Renea, I first discovered her on YouTube.  Her music was really nice and raw, I loved it. But then when I heard the album I was a bit disappointed. I truly only liked 3 songs on the whole album ,Jukebox. Her first single Dollhouse had been totally disconstruted ! I didn’t even know it was the same song on YouTube and the album. The orginal was a R&B song and
the LP version was a pop, borderline alternative song. I suppose that the record wants to make the music a bit more main stream but I really believe the album would have been better is some of the rawness of her music was expressed on the album.


2 thoughts on “What's going on with today's music?

  1. i totally feel you. but no matter how disappointed we may be in our favorite artists actual albums, we still love them. In if their album is really that bad, we can just continue to jam to their mixtape 🙂 and for the record, ‘Thank Me Later’ is sooo my album of the summer. Even tho i like So Far Gone better. “Throw your ones up in the air…”

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