Last week of the TYRA SHOW :(

Today Tyra announced that this week will the last 5 episodes of the Tyra show ever. 😦

She also tweeted about it when the show was starting.

Tyra Banks (@tyrabanks)
5/24/10 1:16 PM
“So sad, this is the final week of The Tyra Show. Everyday @ 4pm there will be a new episode. today is all about my B.I.O. campaign – on now!”

this week will be all new episodes 🙂 She’s also re-launching her website. which she hopes to continue to spread her BIO (beauty inside and out) mission and be an interactive place for all women – and men

I Honestly can’t believe it coming to an end only after 5 years and so much success. I was hoping that one day I WOULD go see the Tyra show live, or perhaps even be ON the show.

Guess that will never happen now…

She says she had big plans for the future…rumored books and even movies. I know whatever she does it’ll be great.


Thoughts? Leave a comment!

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