JayZ not Illuminati

For awhile there have been rumors about Jay-Z and “Roc Nation” belonging to a satanic cult called ‘the Illumnati.

JayZ finally addressed the matter Speaking to Ed Lover on Power 105 radio sometime last week:

“I think I need to remind people I’m from Marcy Projects. You can’t get into those prestigious clubs. I can’t even get into the golf club in Palm Springs.”

“This rap music and the competitive by nature, nothing really surprises me anymore but I’ll honestly say, that was one that was like a shocker. When you from a certain place, cut from a certain cloth, there’s certain things that’s just off limits. When you cross that line, it puts you in a different box.” I think people are running out of ideas and it’s all marketing at this point. {Source}

I’m glad he finally addressed the nonsense, as his silence implied some guilt.


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