This IS what America has become…

Sad but true...

So last week I had a post about Racial Profiling dues to Muslim terrorist. I also put the video on Youtube and since then I’ve got some pretty interesting responses:

The sensible:

Wow that is absolutely Crazy! how many WHITE people tried to blow up buildings! not trying to sound racial but yeah that is truly ridiculous! To me that sound like a country redneck muthableep who is racial discrimnative anyway! and shame of the news company for even using that as a posting they should not have given that ignorance the time nor a day!

My favorite…

I say charge that listener with a Hate Crime Muslims are not all bad People Bigots suggesting Racila Profiling should be banned from American Life not Innocent Muslims.
Leave them alone

Ignorance almost got me for a moment:

yes bitch, no muslim has hijacked el Al aircraft for the last 30 yrs bcoz they profile muslims. get out of your political correctness if you are not a muslim but if you are a muslim tell your fellow muslims that allah has runout of virgins to offer to suicide bombers.

So there you have it!

Fortunately, the American government hasn’t spoken anything new about this racial profiling actually happening.

click MORE to Watch the video


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